Keep in mind that you don’t have to bring all your decor to your destination wedding. You can easily pick up a crate of clementines (or whatever else happens to fit into your color palette) at a local market and use those to add color and life to your setting. Pile them up, scatter them around, or put them in containers… And they’re a lot cheaper than flowers!

image by Sparkling Ink


Comments (7)

Tiffany | Reply

I never thought of using fruit great idea


Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

Great tip! and its such a simple way to keep costs down!

Lizzie | Reply

I think using fruit as décor is a fantastic idea, I love the use of colour and texture it would bring to the whole theme of the day!

Kelli at Wedding Invitation Wording | Reply

The idea of using fruit to enhance a wedding theme is wonderful! I can even see adding colorful vegetables like green, red and yellow peppers, different squash and pumpkins – maybe I’m just hungry (lol).

Seriously though, great site with super ideas!


sonya at zenobia studios | Reply

I absolutely love when fruit is used as a decor! Some of my most favorite centerpieces are done that way. Even using different fruits within the same color family is a fun way to make tables different, but tie the theme in together. :)

Gaby @ The Wedding Central Photography | Reply

I love the idea of decorating with fruits. They add a splash of color.

STYLE NV | Reply

Lovely Idea! Fruit can make a cheap and stunning centre piece for a dining table. A bowl of shiny dark red apples or three large artichokes on a simple plate, or a pile of neon yellow lemons on a glass cake stand


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