Brandon Kidd is an extremely talented photographer and I had the pleasure of featuring one of his real weddings this week. So, how fun was it when I saw his very own wedding while looking through his blog last week. Designed by d*Lsh design, the burlap and cotton elements are super charming and really help to set the tone and mood for their wedding. The return address stamp from Paperwink is perfect and I love how it can be used well after your wedding. I know I speak for everyone when I say that we can’t wait to see your wedding, Brandon!


Photography by Brandon Kidd


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Mouse | Reply

I love Paperwink–and yes, that stamp works perfectly with the suite! Love the muted colors.

annie @ marry you me | Reply

love these… but isn’t it a huge no-no to include registry info with the invitation as it looks like you are asking for a gift?

emily | Reply

I think it just depends on what works for you. Ive received invitations with both registry information included and not included.

sarah | Reply

annie, you are so correct! this wedding suite is beautiful, but when i see registry info included, it just turns me off. a bridal shower is a flat out request for gifts, therefore registry info may be included. on wedding invites, though, just because you’ve invited someone to attend your wedding, does not mean you should ask them to buy you a gift. their presence should be gift enough. :)

Happy Nappy Bride | Reply

I noticed the registry stuff right away too…registering at Anthropologie would be a tough sell with my fiance!

Tessa | Reply

These are fabulous. I love the burlap touch! We included registry info when we sent our invitations. It makes life easier and I think guest appreciate knowing the information so they dont have to go searching.

bonafidebride | Reply

I truly adore this invitation suite. Everyone agrees that first impressions are important, and I believe the same goes for invitations; the invitation is your guests’ first impression of what your wedding will entail. This invitation suite truly paints a picture of the excitement to come.

Morgan | Reply

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with d*Lsh design? I would like to get invitations made. I’ve sent a few emails and have not gotten any response. PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you,