Yellow And Peach Wedding Ideas

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I love the idea of having weddings in private homes….especially if it can be your home! If your home is anywhere near capable of facilitating your wedding why not use your wedding as the perfect excuse to make it everything you want it to be! Instead of spending your wedding budget on venue fees and one-time decor, invest the same money into your home and enjoy it for years to come!


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Rye @Event Intelligence | Reply

I have always wanted to live in a cozy and quaint cottage and the idea of having a wedding in one sounds just wonderful. A cottage wedding is perfect for a small and intimate wedding.

nicole | Reply

I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed by this site using numerous images you didn’t find the sources for – it’s unfair for the photographer who lovingly took the photo and deserves some exposure from your site.
This isn’t some tumblr, I expected better from OnceWed after all the raving I hear elsewhere.

Elegant Wedding Invitations | Reply

Great photos! From the images alone, I can already picture so many ideas for wedding invitations. The color palette is wonderful. Anything with the color yellow is stunning to look at and yes, there is something so intimate and enchanting with weddings held in private homes. You are absolutely right, the wedding budget on the venue can go to making your home ready for the event. That is practical. Cheers!