Colorful Cake

I’m in love. These cakes by House of Origin would be so killer for a wedding, would they not?? Its like a pixilated, deconstructed rainbow cake! Or maybe as petit fours for a cleaner version? What do you think?

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E. M. Anderson | Reply

I wonder if they taste as good as they look! :-)

Amie | Reply

so fun! Yet sophisticated! Lovely lovely!

Silvana | Reply


kate | Reply

Before I read what was under the photo the words came right out of my mouth- “I’m in love.”

Julie | Reply

So beautiful! Love, love, love!

aa | Reply


Wayne Foster entertainment | Reply

Love all the colors!!!!! Co cool:)

kendall | Reply

I’m having a classic candy floss carnival theme for my wedding – so these would just be absolutely perfect!

Hailey | Reply

I’m just saying…these are incredibly perfect.

Elonah | Reply

oh so beautiful! like edible artwork!

Sarah | Reply

This is a fab idea! My brother and his fiancee are super-geeky and I’ve suggested they go for a pixelated pac-man cake after being inspired by this!

Kellie | Reply

I Love Love Love these! They are so fun and look delicious! Definitely using them at my reception!

Brittany | Reply

Okay, I am seriously IN LOVE with these! I always knew I wanted something really different and funky for my wedding, and I think I found it! So great!

shannon - Little Flamingo | Reply

Gorgeous! I just want to eat them all! LOVE the colours and different sizes

Gloria @ I Do Venues | Reply

Remember when Peti Fours – were all the rage in the 70’s – they looked so perfect you were afraid to eat them – this is a great modern twist on an old idea- how fun

joythigpen | Reply

good call, d!

Madison | Reply

love a pixelated themed wedding!

small | Reply

love this deconstructed cake!

Claire | Reply

YUM and what a freaking cool photo!!

Julie | Reply

such pretty colors-so saturated!

laura | Reply

i’m in love.