Diy Wedding Paper Fans

It’s always exciting to see a fellow blogger launch a new venture, so I was really excited to hear from Jen about her new online store, Cabin 7. Jen teamed up with Charlotte Jenks Lewis to pull together a lovely spring time photo shoot around some of the products she is selling in her new shop and the images were so adorable I couldn’t resist sharing a few here on Once Wed. Jen was also kind enough to send over some great DIY ideas from the shoot to help you recreate your own spring time celebration…

One thing I’ve missed from my former life as a magazine editor is producing large-scale home photo shoots. And I was itching to throw a spring party in my apartment! With this shoot, I was also able to create some pretty photos using objects from the collection that I’ve been working on, Cabin 7. That Liberty print was really the jumping off point for the decorations. The centerpiece simply involved a couple vintage hardware drawers (I lined with moss) and a blooming begonia plant in a moss pot. The moss pot was another easy DIY — I just layered moss around the plastic pot that the plant came in, and kept the moss in place with some floral wire.

The Haystack Needle

Cain 9 Online Store

Wedding Bicycle Ideas

Handmade Paper Fans

Cabin 7

Above the main party table, I hung a bunch of paper accordian fans that I’d made. The Liberty floral print was definitely one of the starting points for decorating, so I actually used patterns from my Reprodepot Flora book to create my own floral patterned paper using the book CD and my printer.

To label the different homemade party dips that I made (from this book), I displayed one of Anna’s Rifle Design recipe cards as a menu in a Cabin 7 gilded cardholder. The thank you favors for the party were chalkboard jars filled with a few blooms. Oh, and I love any reason to use rubber stamps, so I stamped some white paper napkins to make practical, pretty napkins for the party.

Produced/Styled by Jen Jafarzadeh L’Italien: The Haystack Needle
Models/Friends: Laura D’Abate and Susan Linney
Gilded letter blocks and gilded cardholders: Cabin 7
Bike: Target


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Bailey@peppermintbliss | Reply

This looks like SUCH a cute shop…heading over to check it out now. Attaway to lift up your fellow bloggers, you’re a good egg!

Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat | Reply

Great pics! I love the thank you jars!


Nora | Reply

I wish those pinwheels were for sale! So cute!

Album Boutique Team | Reply

I love all the colors – so bright and cheery!!

Nicole | Reply

such a beautiful photo shoot! is that colorful chalkboard paint?
and why have I never thought to stamp napkins – how cute!

chelsea | Reply

Love all these details. Jen always does the cutest things with stamps. Love the products as well.

Cécile/detour2mode | Reply

it’s simply gorgeous!

Jennifer@jennifersmithgallery | Reply

I am really curious about the chalkboard jars as well! Could these possibly be added to the DIY section? It looked like colored paper, but wondering with Nicole if it might be colorful chalkboard paint? Thanks for any and all help!

jen jafarzadeh | Reply

hey everyone! thanks for the sweet support!

about the chalkboard jars. I did use color chalkboard paint from Hudson Paint. It was actually a really simple DIY. I just taped off where I wanted the label, rubbed the glass with some sandpaper to grit it up, and then applied thin coats of the chalkboard paint with a foam brush. You’ll need many thin coats (I think it took about 6 coats) and then you have to let the chalkboard paint cure following their instructions.

Mary | Reply

I love the fans! How do I make them?

Kitty | Reply

Thank you for sharing about how to make the jars, I would love to try my hand at it sometime, I have so many jars lying around.

Hilary | Reply

This is an awesome photo shoot! Love the styling.

Sara | Reply

In love with those recipe cards! Any idea on where to get them? I’ve been searching for a long time and can’t find anything nearly as cute!

Arlene | Reply

LOVE this shoot and the details. Can you please help with the instructions for those accordion fans? THANKS!!!

Feast Your Eyes! Catering and Events | Reply

The details are so intricate and sweet – I especially love those labelled jars with the flowers.

Aminah Morgan | Reply

In love with everything on your website, stunning, stunning features photographs and ideas, will try to emulate as much as I can! Will add you to my blog loves!


Anne Book | Reply

This shot is darling and it was fun to read about how you styled it. The napkins are unbelievably cute and it’s all so doable! Fun!

Paul | Reply

Great photos. Very live colors and the style is quite professional. Can you tell me technical characteristic of the capture device?