Gold And Bone White Modern Organic Wedding Ideas

1. Half Dipped Gold Feather necklace Merit Weinstock at NeedSupply $265  2. gold toed flats Asos 3. Gatsby Horn Ring Finn Jewelry $1100  4. dogwood earrings M. Flynn Accessories $88  5. triple rose cut diamond ring Jan Palmer $1988  6.  7. earrings Urban Outfitters $12  8. gold leaf Zig Zag Tray upintheairsomewhere 9. paper mache bowl etco $10  10. earrings Urban Outfitters $12  11. Travel candles (for gifts or decor) Catbird $12  12. arrow necklace Lulaka $28

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Valerie | Reply

who makes the glasses!? It looks like you left them out, i love them!

Emilia Jane | Reply

Just bought the arrow necklace. I love love it!

Amy | Reply

It’s still not in my plan to get married soon but i just can’t not visit your website everyday…everything looks soo perfect and make me wonder when i’ll be my time ;)

Girlie | Reply

I’d also like to know about the glasses.

Em | Reply

I love this look my bridal corset was white/cream with flecks of gold and I even wrote up a post a while ago of how good white and gold can look together :)

erika | Reply

i’m not much of a “gold” person, but the combination of gold and bone white is simply stunning!!

Laurel | Reply

These shoes are perfect! I am unable to find them on the asos site. Does anyone recognize the label in the shoe? Thanks!

Clelou | Reply

How did you find the gold toed flats on asos? I can’t find them on their website. Thanks

Elizabeth Jaime | Reply

Sad news ladies. I’ve been trying to get my hands on those glasses for a few months now. They were posted on One Kings Lane for sale about three months ago, were sold, and since then have just been MIA. Tried to inquire about the company that makes them but no such luck. From now on, they’ll just be eye candy!

x Elizabeth

vanessa | Reply

Also looking for these shoes and can’t find them.

christina | Reply

Lovely post. And too bad about those glasses! They’re awesome.

Alexandra | Reply

Z Gallerie makes some really similar glasses (here > http://www.zgallerie.com/p-11056-chisel-glassware-set-of-4-gold.aspx ). Not quite as awesome, but a pretty good lookalike!

flowers by bornay | Reply

love the combination gold and white. the shoes and the necklace with a nice wedding dress….ufff…gorgeous combination ;)


Katherine, Starlight Registry | Reply

LOVE the dipped feather necklace, maybe not for a bride though. If only I had a spare couple hundred dollars…

Elisha Davidson | Reply

I essentially want everything on this!! Stunning!

Abby Larson | Reply

Officially my favorite OW round-up to date. Beyond gorg.

Charlotte at WeekendsSoSweet | Reply

LOVE this. Just love all of it!

Clarisse | Reply

That half-dipped necklace is really, really stunning—I couldn’t take my eyes off it! C: And everything else looks great as well; I’d love to have those gold-toed flats!

Kate | Reply

gold glasses are by Kim Seybert