Anna Wolf is an incredible fashion and documentary photographer, so when she emailed me last Friday letting me know she was beginning to shoot more weddings I couldn’t wait to share some of images she sent over(you might remember her as the photographer from Erica’s Jamaican wedding below). If you haven’t had the chance to check out Anna’s work before, I would highly suggest clicking on over to her site to see more.









Photography by Anna Wolf

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joanna goddard | Reply

oh those are my friends! :) haha, i love anna’s photography; such a huge talent.

nicole b. | Reply

I love the mood she creates… ah, so romantic.

perfect bound | Reply

Erica & Patrick’s wedding was so beautiful! Thanks for reminding me how lovely it would be to be in Jamaica right now. Ana’s work is so lovely as well!

Amy | Reply

simply freakin’ gorgeous.

lyndsey hamilton | Reply

SUCH a fan of Anna’s work!

Dana Cordova | Reply

Beautiful wedding! I LOVE the place cards.

Allison | Reply

Great photos! Does anyone know where that suit is from? We are looking for a good slim fitting suit for my hubby to be. Thanks.

bridal girl | Reply

beautiful people. Great photography. Amazing work! Totally love them.

thoughtful day | Reply

emily – thanks for posting pics of our wedding! anna’s work is not only amazing but she is a great person too.

allison – if you are asking about the top groom’s suit; it is a pinstriped, light weight wool gucci suite. my husband bought it at saks fifth avenue.

bohemianbride | Reply

I see this calligraphy font (on the place cards) all the time and want to learn it. Does anyone know what it’s called?

Jordan Cargill | Reply

Hi Anna, I am getting married next September (2010) in Greenville, NC. It is an outside wedding on a farm. I really enjoyed looking at your photography on your website. I was wondering if you would consider working in Greenville and if so, what your price range is.

Jordan Cargill

Ashley | Reply

To the bride:
I love your dress! Would you mind telling me who the designer was?