Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

An unruly, tropical, spring bouquet to go with this week’s Orange and Spring Green wedding board. Who says tropical has to be loud?

Photo by Rylee Hitchner


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izzierae photography | Reply

oh rylee! this photo is so gorgeous!

Anne-Marie | Reply

Gorgeous all around. Beautiful beautiful creation and lovely lovely photo.

Zoe | Reply

I love this so much! What flowers/leaves were used?

joy thigpen | Reply

Thanks, Zoe! The greens are mostly ferns and tulips, then there are garden roses, ranunculus, andromeda, blushing bride protea, sweet pea, and a few other bits I’m not sure I could even name :)

Jennifer @ simple gestures wedding favors | Reply

What a beautiful arrangement. All the flowers there go so well together. I think I was only able to identify the peony and the lily of the valley – at least I think I identified them… ;)

Zoe | Reply

Thank you, Joy! That really helps a lot. :)

Kate (Bayside Bride) | Reply

Stunning. I love the wild unkept look to this bouquet!

Lady Anne @ | Reply

Wow! I love the wild aura of this arrangement. I should request this to my wedding organizer in the future. :)

Brit at Colure Weddings | Reply

You know I always did think tropical meant loud bright colors, but this bouquet adds a new twist on it. And of course I love the unruly style!

Wedding Invitations | Reply

I love the arrangement, despite it being ‘unruly’. I think it adds character!

stacey | Reply

love this bouquet, so beautiful!


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