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The new pieces from Alice Temperley’s bridal collection are amazingly beautiful. I want to play dress up in all of them…


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LL | Reply

That paintsuit is sick. Why oh why do you taunt me with beautiful things I cant afford?

Alexandra | Reply

Totally out of my price range, but I can appreciate fabulousness when I see it.

jesse -our labor of love | Reply

i’ll take one of each please ; )
or atleast that last one.

edyta szyszlo photography | Reply

OMG, i am in love with the BW photos!!!! and sure, the dresses are so bad either :)

alison | Reply

I have no words. Nope, nothing.

leslie | Reply

I want one of her dresses. How do I get one in the US

Lisa | Reply

Which came first Claire Pettibone or Alice Temperley’s pom pom style veil? They have similar styles.. love them both!