Tropical Wedding Bouquet

Thank you so much Kate for this lush and airy bouquet for our board this week! Photography and flowers by Ken and Kate Holt for Flowerwild.


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little winter bride | Reply

love the mixture of delicate maiden hair with other various ferns and orchids. really stunning work!

Adrienne @ MyDeejay | Reply

Wow, not sure exactly what it is but I really love this, so unique!

Abigail @ abigail*ryan | Reply

Ohhh… those are so pretty! Love an orchid – and LOVE that the bouquet would last for so long after the big day, too… gorgeous…

Tina @ wedding favors | Reply

Simple yet beautiful in its own way…

David Schnider | Reply

beautiful flowers! bet you also wanna try wedding bouquet kauai

Kristina - Wedding Up Lighting | Reply

Wow! This wedding bouquet is simply beautiful and stunning. Thanks for sharing.

Kristina – Providence RI Wedding DJs | Reply

That tropical wedding bouquet is so unique. Those orchids are really lovely. Thanks for sharing this post to us.

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