Are you loving plaid this season as much as we are? Would you mix tartans and outdoorsy prints into your wedding?

images 1, 2, 3, and 5 by Tec Petaja

images 4 and 6 from Anthropologie

image 7 by Jose Villa

image 8 and 9 by Tec Petaja


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Rachel - theWeddingVine | Reply

I think its traditional to include a little bit of tartan if your off to Scotland to get married!

Stephanie | Reply

I love the neutral background of these outdoor shots. The subtle cloudiness gives all of those warm fall colors a chance to really stand out. As for the tartans, incorporating pattern as an accent element is a great touch for any occasion. I think they work well here!

Jenilee | Reply

I thought it was very interesting to see plaid in a wedding :)

lydia {ever ours} | Reply

i’m loving tartan right now too!

Kyle | Reply

That model is gorgeous! Her husband is definitely the luckiest.

Kim | Reply

Very Autumnal…I like.
What Clan is the tartan from?

Kate/MagnoliaRouge | Reply

Loving the plaid… even though I’m in the middle of summer.. makes me look forward to autumn!

Dani | Reply

Love the idea of tartan at a wedding. That could be a good way to represent my Scottish heritage without having a bagpipe player at my wedding!

Tiffany | Reply

This is lovely! When I was getting married I wanted a white brocaded plaid ball gown skirt…. but alas I did not find one.

ginny branch stelling | Reply

gorgeous imagery! i am not normally a plaid gal and i think this looks wonderful…

way to go joy & em!

Lacey | Reply

That’s a gorgeous ring, any idea where it’s from?