Rosy Reception

So another image I’d like to highlight from this week’s inspiration board is this dinner scene photographed by Johnny Miller. Sometimes its harder to figure out what to do with a simple indoor space but this image shows us how to take full advantage of blank white walls and turn them into a really moody, elegant, beautiful reception. What makes this image so lovely? Primarily it’s the lighting. This look could easily be achieved in a white space if you hire your local lighting company to wash the room in soft rosy, lavender, and blue colors, and then (making sure your venue allows them) warm it up with taper candles. Keep it warm with gold, glass, mix matched chairs, and simple white linens.


Comments (3)

Yvonne | Reply

the set-up is definitely classy and lovely! I love that it’s classic yet modern. how fun!

Enna | Reply

Very classy and just simply beautiful. I’d love to have dinner there.

Courtney | Reply

I love these colors! One of my brides had me create a garden rose invitation for her vintage wedding using the colors and it’s stuck with me ever since. Hope you’re doing well!

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