Painterly Wedding Party Round Up

Would you have each of your bridesmaids look like a different Michelle Armas painting?

1. Georgie $225  2. Hanky Panky $13  3. Anthropologie $298  4. Obakki $524  5. Forage $68  6. Ella Moss $169

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Josie | Reply

I really like this whole watercolour effect. Think it really suits summer weddings and it’s a great way to use lots of colour but in a grown up classy way!

carolina - patagonia gifts | Reply

I’m in love with the first one! have a lovely weekend!

Michelle | Gold-Hearted Girl | Reply

So pretty! I love how this style is everywhere now.

Sarah | Reply

Love this idea so much. So sweet for a laid-back beachy wedding.

homeseed paper goods | Reply

those paintings are so lovely!! really enjoyed this concept :)

Alexis L. | Reply

This is just the perfect wedding, i love it! And those panties are awesome. Have a fantastic weekend!

HiLLjO - 1 WEEEK!!! | Reply

Yay the roundup I’ve been waiting for!
Dress #1 is PERRRRFECT!

Madison | Reply

love all those dresses! so gorgeous!!

Get Married In Bali | Reply

hi… greeting from, We love the design it’s fantastic

Erika {Borrowed&Bleu} | Reply

I absolutely love this round up ~ I’ve always been a fan of the subtle chic effect of watercolors!

Juliana | Reply

I have been eyeing that Anthropologie dress for a while now… now I have to get it! Love this concept for a wedding, especially for an artsy, DIY bride!!


Junelle | Reply

sensational idea… love the colors

katie | Reply

ohh i love the floral dresses!! so gorgeous for the summer time!

grace @ wedding favors | Reply

Gosh! This is oozing with prettiness! :D I especially love that belt in the number 5 photo. :)

Amber | Reply

Gorgeous colors!

Claire | Reply

Ah, those dresses are to die for!

Jen Rea | Reply

Love all these picks. Painte floral is a new favorite!

Wedding Favors | Reply

I saw your painted votives featured in another site. This theme is very creative and it rocks! :)


Rachael B | Reply

Where are the paintings from? I think they’re beautiful and am interested in the artist.