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Pink Wedding Dress

I’m very excited to introduce our guest blogger for this week, Chelsea Fuss of Frolic. Chelsea writes her own lovely blog and is an all around incredible stylist. Flowers, wardrobe, props – you name it, she does it.

I’ve envisioned a wedding with clean lines, a modern sensibility and a bit of casual flavor from the countryside. This super sweet ensemble, perfect for the bride or maids, includes a pink slip dress and a simple head wreath of lily of the valley and jasmine. Our model wears a bright raspberry lipstick to shake things up a little.

Flower Wedding Hair Wreath

Photographer: Lisa Warninger Stylist: Chelsea Fuss Makeup and Hair: Madeline Roosevelt Model: Meredith Adelaide Location: The Cleaners at The Ace Dress: By Noa Noa Available at Narcisse


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Coleen Danger | Reply

I very much like this dress, however the link you have listed for the Narcisse shop is not working. Do you perhaps have a working link?

emily | Reply

Hey Coleen

The link above is the one we were sent, but I changed it to their store blog since the shop link isn’t working. Maybe you could call them directly? I bet they could help you over the phone.



Wedding Prints | Reply

I so love the dress. I do think the Narcisse link is working now.

chelsea | Reply

Narcisse recently closed their shop but I think they are still operating online. They are one of the few retailers of Noa Noa in the US. You can also contact Noa Noa directly. Thanks!

Pink | Reply

totally super sweet… how clean and lovely is this design?! I love it!

Pink | Reply

Those are gorgeous!! lovely designs :)

Hochzeits DJ | Reply

What a wonderful, simply dress. My first wife (yes, I was wedded once and twice:-), had a similar dress. Love the cute doggie in the picture! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jackie | Reply

so perfect :) i love the floral wreath

Marissa - After Flats | Reply

I like the dress, simple, beautiful and fresh! :)

yourevent | Reply

My girlfriend and me ,, we love the dress,, and specially the picture with the “small dog” in the background. Really beautiful and fresh as already mention