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Thank you for such an incredible 2010! Can’t wait to see you in 2011 :) Cheers!

images: 1. via {this is glamorous} via definitely golden 2. Keller + Keller 3. Fernlund + Logan Architects via {this is glamorous} viaWhite & Wander 4. Emma Freemantle 5. Betsy Dunlap and Blackbird Letterpress 6. Copper Carras


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Bre | Reply

Such beautiful images! Thank you for inspiring us all year long. Happy New year!

carolina - patagonia gifts | Reply

lovely collage! happy new year! look forward to more of your beautiful posts in 2011! xo

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] | Reply

How feminine and glamorous! Happy New Year!

alexandra hunt | Reply

Those shoes are incredible! I pity the mailman who had to read that outer envelope, though! ;)

lizzie [love your way] | Reply

purdy shoes! excellent new year’s inspiration! :)

emilie | Reply

random question: the new header, what fonts are those?

happy new year! thanks!!

Naomi | Reply

This is lovely! Just lovely!

Jen | Reply

beautiful photos!

naiviv dec | Reply

love the invitation!! who made those?