Dark Water Lake House Wedding

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Nothing wrong with burgers (and beer) at a wedding, right? Come back tomorrow for a round up where to find lots of things to make a wedding like this happen….


Comments (6)

Carol | Reply

Beautiful ~ I love the uber exhilarating vibe! The cabin, the smal boat dock, surrounded by evergreens sigh., earthy, natural & the open outdoors. Totally refreshing. Nothing wrong with a good beefy burger either…it’s ideal for this setting. I’m definitely feeling it =OD Where is this place?

Thadshiga Jayaseelan | Reply

A lovely concept. Very calm and graceful. Love it.

melissa blake | Reply

this is so whimical! :)

jj | Reply

I can not help taking look at your blog soon. The pictures are so gorgeous!!!

Wella | Wedding Envelopes | Reply

The photos make the place the place very enticing to go to. And the foods, I love it!. The setting is fantastic.

colleen | Reply

the dark and lush palette is so sexy! although we went in the opposite direction with colors, i kind of love how your idea of a lake wedding invokes many elements similar to what i put together last year for my own. http://www.ryanbrenizer.com/blog/2010/09/colleen-and-steve/ PS, Ryan = best photog ever)

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