Even though we didn’t have our
wedding in the city, we brought a lot of our favorite and talented vendors
from our neighborhood with us to the wedding. All these vendors were
just a hop, skip and a jump from our house. 


Catering was done by a restaurant
we love to go to for lunch several times a week called The Prague Deli.
It is a family run restaurant, and we go there so often, they know us
by name! 


Jin loves oysters. We timed
it so that the oyster bar would be open after we got back from the wedding
photos! Oysters were from a famous restaurant in Toronto called Oyster


We really wanted the wedding day
to be fun, and we wanted to provide a comfortable setting where our
guests get a chance to know eachother. We set up some activities for
them throughout the day like skipping rocks, a photo booth, and bocce ball. (other than, lots of food, and lots of drinks
to go around!)



The flowers for the tables were
not quite done in the city. I met Shane from Underground Organics at
my neighbourhood farmer’s market. He has a stall there selling beautiful
flowers every week. His organic farm is outside of Toronto, and he made
these simple, garden-picked, arrangements for us, which is exactly the
look I wanted for our wedding.


Celine is sharing her invitations she silkscreened herself(!) and behind-the-scenes images all day tomorrow, so definitely stay tuned for more inspiration

[Images c/o Gabriel Li]


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Rebecca | Reply

the balloon shots are so serene–wow. congrats to the couple!

Maria @ {ritzy bee} | Reply

Loving everything about this wedding!

that[engaged]girl | Reply

I looovve that lighting! *sigh* I wish I could find a way to do that for my reception.. :(

Catherine | Reply

Gorgeous…What is hanging above the pool? Balloons… paper lanterns?? Is there a close up shot?