I wanted to start the week off with this gorgeous floral arrangement that Asako from A. Hana Design sent over. The colors and textures create such a lush and full centerpiece, while still maintaining just the right amount of feminine and rustic elements…



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annie @ marry you me | Reply

Wow – I had been searching for flower inspiration this morning, and this has blown me away! Awesome work.

Jaimi_bridalbar | Reply

These flowers are stunning! Love the peachy colors and textures.

Megan | Reply

These are too lovely for words!

Sarah | Reply

I am seeing pinwheels everywhere, and I love them! Such a cute idea, and so easy to make. This color palette is especially pretty…

Brancoprata | Reply

Absolutely amazing. I’m completely in love with this color and the pinwheels look perfect. The arrangements are just perfect!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

It’s the container that really sets the floral designs apart. What are those? Birch?

Mouse | Reply

I loooove the pinwheels! So cute!

paula | Reply

I just adore a pretty flower arrangement.

Kelsey | Reply

Okay, I’m officially requesting Virginia vendors to be added to your wonderful listings. I’m in dire need of CREATIVE & beautiful photographers in the Hampton Roads area!!

Tara @ Pacific Bride Guide | Reply

Yay- A new color palette! So fresh and cute!

kristin @ The Treasured Petal | Reply

so delicate and creamy! love your flower choice on this one!

fatalefemme | Reply

Aw. LOVE everything in that: scabiosa pods, chocolate cosmos…totally yummy.

Brooke | Reply

This might be a lame question…but how would I make those cute little pinwheels? Is there an online tutorial anywhere?

lo | Reply

definitely one of my favorite pinwheel uses…and the palette is fantastic. thanks for the inspiration!

Kristy R. | Reply

Stunning – are those chocolate cosmos?

Sarah Z | Reply

Yes! They are chocolate cosmos :)

Here are more recent designs from Asako:

Lisa S | Reply

Could you please tell me what are the names and colors of all of the flowers in this arrangement?