When Joy Thigpen sent me images of a bouquet she recently created out of flowers from her backyard, I immediately asked her if I could post it up on the blog. I’ll be the first one to admit that acuba(leafy greens) aren’t my particular cup of tea, but I love how they looked paired with daffodils. I’m always amazed at what Joy comes up with and this bouquet of “backyard” flowers definitely doesn’t dissapoint. More from Joy

The little old house we recently bought has surprised us year
round with all kinds of buried treasures pushing up through the
[amazingly black] dirt.  Our yard greets the early spring with a hearty
showing of hopeful and sun-shiny daffodils of all sorts, along with a
smattering of snowdrops and peppy forsythia (or yellow-bells).  It
really does make me happy to pull up in our driveway.  And it makes me
grateful to the little old woman who left us with all this undeserved

When I was bestowed with a handful of roses left
over from a flower shop this week I was happy but I didn’t know what
I’d do with them….until I saw how lovely they were paired with the
white daffodils from my yard.  Then I got excited and wandered around
my yard with a pair of scissors snipping away, gathering a little vase
full of things I thought looked good together.  All the daffodils were
an obvious choice but what surprised me the most was how lovely I
thought the variegated acuba (that’s the leafy part) looked next to
them!  Its a big bush that I don’t usually like and I almost cut down
last summer but as I passed that bush with my little vase full of
flowers, it totally jumped out at me because of the bright yellow
dappled all over the smooth leaf.  Before you know it I was totally
inspired to make a bouquet of my findings even though I didn’t have one
of the “proper supplies” I “needed”. The supplies I used for this
bouquet were: regular scissors, a large drinking glass (for my vase as
I gathered things), two rubberbands (one off my vegetables, and one
from my hair), a twist-tie from the bread, and because I didn’t have
the right ribbon, I wrapped the stems in a plantation lilly leaf.

Moral of the story: Plant things for people you’ll
never meet.  Don’t be afraid to mix things from a flower shop with
things–flowering and non-flowering–from your (or your neighbors)
yard.  Consider growing some of your own flowers.  When you have some
flowers you know you want to use….wander with them.  Inspiration
often lies waiting for a sneak attack.  And don’t believe you have to
have all the “right stuff” to make something.  As they say, creativity
most often is born of necessity.


Plants used: At least four varieties of daffodils but I have NO
IDEA what their names are, forsythia, snowdrops, snowy jewel
roses, variegated acuba, and plantation lily.


Comments (8)

Candice [The NotWedding] | Reply

Joy’s incredible. Seriously, what’s next? Junkyard bouquet? Prison Camp bouquet?… I’m amazed.

courtney {flush designs} | Reply

LOVE IT! So Beautiful. My favorite type of bouquet is always flowers from the yard… so organic and filled with love, as you have to care for them all year as well!

Jamie | Reply

This is such a lovely idea. Joy is so talented.

christi | Reply

This is absolutely gorgeous, and proof that all you have to have is creativity and a little bit to work with! just beautiful.

Teresa | Reply

If I were having an outdoor wedding, this would be my bouquet of choice.

chelsea | Reply

super lovely!

Carrie | Reply

I love daffodils. I have many in my front yard although they won’t bloom till May! Gotta love the cold seasons in Jackson Hole!