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Best wedding photographer for your money, period.
Montreal - Quebec - Canada

Best wedding photographer for your money, period.

Pixelicious is the wedding photographer you have never heard of but can’t wait to tell your friends about. Located in Montreal, Canada, Pixelicious exists to do the opposite of what other photographers do. We are obsessed in delivering stellar customer service and value to our clients, with wedding imagery that are described as elegant and timeless.

How are we different?

Wedding photography made affordable
Our clients cherish photography but also demand value. We offer a price-to-quality ratio that is unheard of.

No albums. No upselling. No nonsense
We drive down the cost by providing the high resolution photographs instead. You are always the one in control.

Pay after seeing the results
By knowing exactly what they are paying for, our clients appreciate the honesty and transparency.

100% satisfaction guarantee
We will refuse payment and refund any retainer made if for any reason you are not satisfied. No questions asked.

You are in good hands
It is impossible to know what will happen one year from now. Our promise is to capture all important moments from start to finish so you have nothing to worry about. It is that simple.

Timeless is our signature
We strive in crafting images that will stand the test of time. We do not chase the latest trends or fads.

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