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Melissa Gidney Photography

Melissa Gidney Photography

Fine art wedding photography capturing the emotion and beauty of the day
Los Angeles - california

“The most important thing to me is that you love your photos as much in 30 years as you did when you receive them. They must be classic and timeless… they must be genuine. I love photographing weddings, but most of all, I love capturing moments… emotion. To me, each wedding is a collection of beautiful portraits, special details and candid moments. Ultimately, I want every image make you feel something and to create fine art images that are as beautiful and unique as the people in them.”

A wife, mother, foodie and travel junkie. Lover of thoughtful design and unique experiences. Learning photography in the family darkroom, Melissa has had a camera in her hand for more years than she can remember, focusing on natural light weddings for the last 10 of them. One of her favorite things is morning coffee in bed with her family.


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