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Media Art Studio

Media Art Studio

Destination Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Hi there, My name is Luka, UK based International and Destination Wedding Photographer. I started Media Art Studio by following my dreams. I always try to keep things simple. I am purely driven by passion and I believe that gives my photos a unique and venerable quality.

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia and currently I live in London. I have been lucky enough to capture weddings in amazing countries and cities including USA, Australia, Caribbean, Bahamas, Greece, Croatia, and the UK.

My ambition is to push my creative boundaries and document weddings in an emotional and very natural way as they unfold throughout the day, without a lot of intervention. I love to tell stories through imagery. Your smiles, a parents tear in the moment you say “yes”, your dear friends having fun and all the little things that make your wedding day so special. To me, a wedding is a celebration of two wild hearts. Their passionate love, their fears, and strengths.

High end or budget, it doesn’t matter. Let’s get to know each other and create something beautiful. Tell me who you are. I would love to hear your story.


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