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Flourish Artistic Design

Flourish Artistic Design

Organic Calligraphy, Floral Design, and Creative Direction
London - Ontario - Canada

Flourish is a contemporary calligraphy, floral, and creative direction business in London, Canada. We specialize in Fine Art Weddings and events.

Our calligraphic services are available to be sent to any destination, and personal consultation is also available. In the fleeting moments of a wedding day or special event, and in life in general, we make our focus on the gentle and the beautiful. Whether in an environment of hundreds of people or with just your closest loved ones, we long to create an atmosphere that tells an intimate, genuine story. With a love of delicate textures

Having lived in Europe, our aesthetic is inspired by classic European forms, simplicity, nature, and organic colour palettes. We have an eye for quality and beauty, and seek to use the finest products to create carefully curated art. We work with our clients to create an authentic experience that reflects our clients personal story and heart.


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