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Mona Moe Machava Photography

Mona Moe Machava Photography


My name is Mona, I am storyteller. I live and work in Norway, but I am a traveller and love meeting new people and see new places so I photograph weddings just about anywhere. I have a background as a documentary photographer (I was based in Africa for about 5 years.) Often people ask me if that was very different from the work I am doing now? my answer is: No, it was not different at all, we are all people, and we loved, cried and laughed just as hard even in the refugee camp as we do in a wedding.. the important thing is the real moments and the strong feelings – that are the stories that I like to tell  – and wedding are full of real feelings, thats why I love my job. I give 10% of all my income to the organisation Doctors Without Borders(MSF) in that way we can also let our happiness help someone else:) You can find my wedding portfolio here or all the weddings on my blog. Have a beautiful day, and good luck planning your special day! All the best mona


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