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Heart & Soil Flowers

Heart & Soil Flowers

brooklyn - new-york

At Heart & Soil Flowers we put our heart into every project. We want our floral designs to be a unique reflection of the client, season, and location. Through consultations, we help couples articulate their aesthetic and vision and weave a cohesive design for their wedding.

We believe that good designs start with the best materials, and the best materials come from good soil. We carefully select locally-farmed and foraged materials to use in our designs to not only ensure the freshest, loveliest, and longest-lasting blooms, but also to create a unique, place-based, and seasonally-informed design.

Couples who choose us are looking for a natural and organic style with curated elegance. Our inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the forest and river valley that surrounds our home, as well as the confidence of brutalist architecture, intricacy of Japanese and Scandinavian design, subtle imperfections of handmade pottery, and the warmth that surrounds an intimate dinner party.


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