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Moonflower Floral Design

Moonflower Floral Design

Athens - georgia

Moonflower is a fusion of artistic expression and love for natural rhythms. It is the manifestation of years of creative endeavors and a dedication to bringing the most beautiful and sustainable elements of nature and agriculture into the framework of a celebration. We aim to show that the beauty of floral arrangements is exponentially more fascinating, gorgeous, and meaningful when the elements are in season, locally harvested, incredibly fresh, and set free from the confines of the traditional approach and reach out to explore motion and space.

Our design studio is an extension of our farm and our farm is an extension of our design studio.  Both aspects of our world inform each other resulting in a wonderful synergy that expresses itself in our design work. We are passionate about growing the most exciting, romantic and sought after flowers on the market, yet we also have a strong pull to try out new varieties, rare beauties, and gorgeous southern antique varieties that can’t be found anywhere else.  The result is always a one of a kind arrangement and a beautifully personal event.


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