IndustryTipEmilyNewmanGive your Clients Permission to Create Something New

After a client books you for the wedding, we imagine the conversation goes something like this…”here’s my Pinterest board” or “I like that wedding you shot/created last year at our venue”. While this is not a bad place to start, maybe it’s time to change the conversation.

How to Move From Imitation to Inspiration

Perhaps you are wondering, how can I inspire my clients to go beyond what they take in from all the blogs and Pinterest and to work together to create something personal?

Help your brides focus on finding their own voice and creating something original and authentic to who they are rather than feeling like they have to recreate everything they see online.

  1. 1. Gently encourage them to seek out WHY it is they find a certain image or decor idea beautiful. By identifying the feelings behind the image, they can more creatively bring to life a new idea more genuine to who they are.
  2. 2. Find out what inspires them in daily life–people, places, type of decor, etc. In my own life, I try to seek outside inspiration to bring into my work by exploring creative spaces around my city like gallery openings or new restaurants.
  3. 3. Ask your client to pick a handful of key values or words to define the look they want to achieve for their wedding. Let these words serve as a mantra as you talk through and plan their day.

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Comments (3)

Femke Muntz | Reply

Such good advice! The only issue I’ve had personally is the idea of seeking outside inspiration, sometimes I feel it’s just to much and expectations become far to high (especially in regards to other photographers bodies of work). Ultimately this makes me turn towards my own work and ignore everything else in order to attempt to improve my own style and technique….

zosia zacharia | Reply

Always so lovely to read your tips, so much inspiration to draw on, thank you for sharing.

SugarLove Weddings | Reply

We love your industry tip above and love working with our clients to create extraordinary images on their wedding day to create a story that is truly uniquely their own.