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Market Analysis for Actuators

Market Analysis for Actuators


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    With the continuous development of automation, actuator has become an indispensable device in the process of realizing automation. Here you can find the most professional information about pneumatic actuators . Currently, the pneumatic actuators ; market is divided into several major forces:

    1. The early imitation of Japanese glorious or PS of Germany;

    2. The manual and semi-automatic actuator, Changzhou DKJ;

    3. The auxiliary equipment model (the first generation of SIPOS product) of Yangzhou power station, this kind of actuator is still on trial and will soon appear in the market;

    4. Various bands in China, such as Shanghai VOND, Wenzhou RAGA and Wenzhou AUTORK. The actuator structure of these bands are approximate to ROTORK;

    5. The models called Omar and EMG are also currently in development and will soon appear in the market as domestic brands.

    It has become a problem to solve the development needs for each small enterprise. How are they going to get their own market share given that there are so many products in the actuator market?

    The sales model of electric actuators or pneumatic actuators is different from the sales model of other products. The targets of the first three kinds of low-end producers are basically Flanged ball valve ; factories. Usually, it is the enterprise’s price and production capacity that determine its pace of development. One of the representatives of such enterprises in actuator market is Changzhou Lanling, its development speed is very quick and it mainly focuses on component production for local industry. With its low price advantage, it quickly seizes the bottom end of sales market.Here to know more about filter regulators  .

    The fourth kind of enterprise is totally different. It goes directly to terminal customers, which requires more cost for sales. But, when the sales cycle becomes longer, the intervention to terminal customers becomes more difficult. Not only will they face the competition of imported products, they also have to face domestic competition. This, on the other hand, forms the two polar differentiations, forming a significant drop between capital enterprises and new enterprises. Furthermore, the big businesses are relatively conservative, and are having a hard time to accept new things, which leads to a poor development for small V TYPE Ball Valve businesses.

    Only when everyone is involved will it be called a market. For such particular market environment in China, it is worth to be considered for small enterprises that how will they get a better market for their products. There is a common problem for small businesses, they basically have mature technology products, but they cannot participate in the competition of normal market. We are hoping that more and more small enterprises would break the traditional sales model and participate in the actuator market competition, so that more small businesses can get development opportunities.

    Pneumatic actuators, which are technically controllers, have various requirements like actual application, photoelectric isolation, strong or weak isolation, anti-jamming and so on. We have now formed a mature actuator technology in China and we believe that there will be more breakthroughs in the future.Flowxgroup can offer you best electric actuators , by this way.


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