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Maggie Sottero

Label Size:
Street Size:

Maggie Sottero

Label Size:
Street Size:
ORIGINAL PRICE: $2000 ASKING: $1400 Save 30%

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    I am absolutely in love with this dress. It is so hard for me to sell, but I would love to see it make someone else so happy! I discovered this dress randomly just before I got engaged. I was helping a friend look for wedding dresses, when this dress by Maggie Sottero caught my eye. Now, I think every wedding dress is beautiful; however, this dress was different…it was exceptional! When I did get engaged, I was determined to try this dress on. I had no desire to try any other dress…I had to have the Juliette. I called at least 25 stores between Michigan and Indiana (moved to Michigan for husband but getting married back in Indianapolis) to see if they carried this dress, but sadly, no one did. Finally, I called this super cute little boutique in Michigan near where my husband use to live, and YES! they were getting that dress in the store in 2 weeks. I booked my appointment immediately. I tried the dress on, and it was perfect!! : ) I really wanted the colors of my wedding to be black and white with an accent of royal blue, so the black sash was perfect, and I even bought black “strappy” heels to go with the sash. It looked great and very classy! My husband refused to see me before the wedding. He would try and tell me what he thought it looked like; however, he was always way off. He told me that when he saw me for the first time that he couldn’t believe his eyes…he said I looked so beautiful and that was the most gorgeous wedding dress he had ever seen. Even still when we go to weddings, he still comments on how much different and how much better he liked my dress compared to others. The coments from people about the dress were awesome…..they had never seen a dress like this, they loved it! I wanted soooo much to amaze my husband when he saw me, and this dress helped me do it!

    • Label Size: 6
    • Street Size: 6
    • Height with Shoes: 5'6-5'7
    • Color: Ivory
    • Silhouette: Ballgown
    • Material: Organza
    • Neckline: Sweetheart
    • Style: Belt/Sash, Corset, Modern, Not white, Ruffles
    • Condition: Used
    • Original Owner: Yes

    Since the dress has a corset back, no alterations on the waist or bust had to get taken in. I really liked the idea of a corset because it allows some wiggle room for a little weight gain or loss prior to the wedding. For example, I was so stressed before our wedding due to drama from my husband's family and lost 6 pounds the week of the wedding, and the dress still fit perfect. I feel this dress can work with any girl ranging from 110-140 pounds because of the corset. I believe I went down to about 113 pounds from all the stress. Because the back of the dress dips just below where a bra strap would go, the seamstress placed pads in for my bust line which gave me great support the day of the wedding. Those pads could easily be changed in order to support whatever bra size bra size typically ranges from 32/34 B-C. The biggest and main alterations were hemming it to my length and adding a bustle. I am 5'4; however, I was wearing 2-3in heels. The seamstress measured with my heels on, so this dress could easily work for someone shorter than me or up to 5'7-5'8 tall depending on how long you want the length to look or the height of the heel. For the bustle, we found the the "under bustle" style looked the best with the ravishing folds of the dress. The seamstress did an extremely easy (I mean easy for anyone who has ever helped bustle a dress before) way to bustle a dress. Along the dress line (end of train) are colored X's. You start in the middle with the pink X and connect to the other same colored X up under the dress and put it through the hole. You work your way down one side of the dress matching colored Xs and end when you come to another pink X. Repeat the same way on the other side. I think my dress was bustled in 2minutes. I asolutely loved my dress! The sash was detachable...just snapped in the back, so if you don't want a sash you don't have to have it or you can do a different color. Also, I just wanted to point out that I had a crinolin skirt underneath the dress to give it a more fuller look. You don't have to have it, but I thought it looked much better and wanted the fuller look!


    For preservation, the dress is hanging up in its protective bag from the wedding boutique. I didn't get it preserved because I knew I wasn't going to keep the dress; however, the dress was completely dry cleaned and steamed. There are no rips or tears or stains on the is practically new! The crinolin skirt was also dry cleaned; however, that will be sold separately.


    All Sales Final

    Location: Farmington Hills, MI, United States

    Will Ship to: Anywhere at Buyer Expense

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