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Once Wed (", "we", "us", "our") seeks to abide by all applicable laws of the United States and Canada, including all copyright laws and in particular the U.S. Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act ("OCILLA").  OCILLA attempts to balance the interests of online service providers like Once Wed with the rights of owners and exclusive licensees of copyright in photographs, other images such as sketches, and fashion designs (collectively "Images") uploaded to Once Wed's website ("Site").  Accordingly, Once Wed has instituted the following policy:

Removal of Allegedly Infringing Material: Once Wed will help copyright owners and exclusive licensees ("Copyright Holders") remove allegedly infringing Images from our Site. To that end, we have created a Copyright Infringement Notice, to be completed and submitted by Copyright Holders, that provides Once Wed with the information required by OCILLA and needed by us to identify and remove that Images alleged to infringe copyright.

Certainty about Infringement: Before filing Copyright Infringement Notice, please ensure that you are reasonably certain that the Image(s) on the Site that you are complaining about truly infringe(s) your copyright.  If you are unsure as to what your rights are, or whether copyright has been infringed, please consult with a legal adviser before filing the Copyright Infringement Notice.  Please be aware that there can be negative legal consequences for someone making a false allegation of copyright infringement.

Filing a Copyright Infringement Notice: To file the Copyright Infringement Notice, a Copyright Holder should fill out the online Copyright Infringement Notice form and submit it electronically (online or by email), or print and mail it) to the postal address shown on the form.  The Copyright Infringement Notice form identifies Once Wed's authorized agent and acts as a legal affirmation that you own copyright or are the exclusive licensee of copyright in the Image(s) identified in the form.  If a Copyright Infringement Notice does not contain all requested information, Once Wed will not take action based on it.

What a Copyright Infringement Notice Covers: A Copyright Infringement Notice is designed to deal with Images residing on the Site at the time the Notice is filed.  Thus, while a Notice may cover more than one Image residing on the Site at a given time, it does NOT cover any Images removed from the Site before the Notice was filed; NOR does it cover any Images uploaded to the Site after the Notice is filed. A new Notice would be required to deal with such newly-uploaded Images.

After a Copyright Infringement Notice is Filed: When Once Wed receives a Notice containing the required information, it will promptly contact the Complainant, if necessary, to clarify anything in the Notice that is unclear, and thereafter it will remove the identified Images within 48 (forty-eight) hours. Once Wed will also inform the affected account holder of the details of the Copyright Infringement Notice.

Repeat Infringers: Once Wed will be entitled, in its sole discretion, to terminate the accounts of any account holder that is the subject of repeated complaints from Copyright Holders.

Filing Copyright Infringement Notice

To file a Copyright Infringement Notice with Once Wed, you will need to send us the following written notice, or a reasonable facsimile of it, with all of the requested information in it:

  1. Name of Complainant: Please give your full legal name. If you represent a corporation, partnership or other business, please give its full legal name as registered with the appropriate authorities.
  2. Contact Information: Give us your contact information so that we can get in touch with you (at minimum an email address and telephone number). This information may be shared with the submitter(s) of the Image(s), so that he/she (they) can contact you to resolve your complaint directly.
  3. Allegation of Copyright Infringement: "I hereby confirm that I believe the Image(s) identified below and which appear(s) on the website of (the "Site") infringe(s) my rights as copyright owner or exclusive licensee."
  4. Identification of Image(s): Indicate the type (e.g. photo, dress design, fabric design, etc.). and details (e.g. name of photographer, name of designer, style number or other identifier of the design, location, date, etc.) of the Image(s) which you believe has (have) been infringed. If you have evidence to support your claim, please provide it.
  5. Location of Image(s) on Site: Provide the precise URL location of the Image(s) on the Site.
  6. Basis of Infringement: Explain how the Image(s) infringe(s) your copyright (e.g. "I own copyright in the photo"; "I own copyright in the design of the dress featured in the photo", etc.)
  7. Use Not Authorized: "I have a good faith belief that use of the copyright protected work(s) described above is/are: (Select answer below)
    and that its use is not otherwise permitted by law."
  8. Sworn Statement of Identity: "I swear that the information contained in this Notice is accurate and that I am the copyright owner or otherwise have the exclusive right in law to bring infringement proceedings with respect to the use of the Image(s) identified in this Notice."
  9. Signature: Sign by clicking here if you are filing the Notice online
  10. Sign here if you are filing the Notice by mail, or pdf format ________________________
  11. Sign the notice. If you are providing notice by e-mail, a scanned physical signature or a valid electronic signature will be accepted.

If not submitting the Notice online, please email or mail it to

Mailing: Once Wed, 10 Talley Rd, Roslyn, NY 11576

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Once Wed was launched in March 2008 to meet a need in the marketplace for an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses. Within a short time, the company had developed into an online wedding publication and resource to provide newly-engaged brides with inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding.