Wedding videography has changed so much over the past few years, and what was once viewed as a last minute rush to have your special event captured by the old traditional guy with the massive camera and blinding spotlight, has evolved into a cinematic art form that puts your story at the heart of it.

So, what should couples look for when they go about choosing or researching a cinematographer?

When trying to choose a cinematographer to capture your big day, approach your search in the exact same way you would choose your photographer, wedding planner or dressmaker – their portfolio.  Look at their body of work and the style of their films – can you picture yourself being in one of them. If you find yourself cringing at a lot of the stuff, then move on quickly. You want to feel an emotional connection to what you are watching.

My advice would be to research both cinematography and photography together. It’s also important to remember that both of these creative teams will be working very closely together on the day. Ideally, you want both of their styles to sit comfortably side by side. Your photographer is often responsible for choosing where the portrait or couple shots are taken, so you want to avoid creative personalities that are pulling in different directions. It’s always a good idea to get suggestions from photographers about who they have enjoyed working with and vice versa.

The key is to find work that you resonate with. Something that makes you smile or cry. If it makes you feel like this watching a film with people you don’t even know, imagine how emotional you’re going to feel watching your own!

Most of my budget has gone on the photographer! Do I really need a wedding video anyway?

People say it all the time but your wedding day will go by so quickly. So many things are happening, with so many people to meet and greet that it will feel like it’s your first dance in the blink of an eye.

Moving image has the power to take you back to those moments in ways a still image cannot – reliving the sounds, movement and atmosphere as it happened. When all else is gone, and time has faded our memories, all we will have left are these captured memories. And they will become more valuable in time, to the generations to come.

What questions should I ask when I meet with the cinematographer?

It shouldn’t feel like an interview. It’s nice to meet for a coffee or somewhere away from each other’s workplace and just chat openly about the plans for your wedding day. Your cinematographer wants to come away feeling excited about capturing your wedding, and you want to feel that they are someone you can spend your wedding day with. If you can chat openly and honestly throughout the conversation and have a bit of a laugh then you’ll usually find this will be someone you can relax around on the day.

We wish you every success in your wedding planning and search for the perfect cinematographer. Do your research, make contact, speak to other wedding vendors for suggestions and go grab a coffee to see if they are the right fit for you.

Oh, and Story of Eve are happy to travel anywhere in the world to capture your special day, so why not give us a Skype and say Hi! 

Andrew & Rebecca: Wedding Preview from story of eve on Vimeo.

Article by Story of Eve | Photo: Tec Petaja | Research Links: Belfast Telegraph |  Whispering Willow 


Comments (6)

Clare M | Reply

What a great piece, it answered so many questions! I’ve just got engaged so perfect timing. The video is beautiful!

Lauren | Reply

My only regret from our wedding is that we didn’t have a videographer! We would have loved at least our vows and the toasts – they were hilarious, and I barely remember anything anymore!

Wedding photography adelaide | Reply

Whatever you do make certain your videographer has lots of experience otherwise they are going to make your photographers life a misery….trust me.

Invitations mariage | Reply

In my own opinion, it’s necessary to have a videographer. It will be much better.

Rebecca | Reply

Our videographer made our most precious and meaningful gift that we will hold onto for years and show our kids and hopefully our grandkids. I strongly advise you hire one. We had Story of Eve and they were amazing – wouldn’t have wanted anyone else – they captured it so beautifully. The best of the best.

John | Reply

err..the best of the best? I think Catch and Show and Tell would have something to say about that!


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