Choose a meaningful venue

Your venue dictates not only the look, but also the energy and meaning of your wedding day. If you love the outdoors, choose a time of year that will allow you to have that al fresco dinner you’ve been dreaming of. If your family has property that’s special to you, ask them if you can get married there.

Be inspired by the land

Once you’ve booked your venue (or confirmed with your family member that yes, it is ok for you to host 150 people in their backyard) make sure to visit. Look around you. What colors, textures and objects do you see? Incorporate at least one of those elements into your design as a motif.

Pick an unexpected color combination

If you love moodier colors or even deep neutrals like black and charcoal grey, you can pair those unexpected tones with lighter, more commonplace wedding colors like blush or light yellow for a refreshing juxtaposition.

Incorporate personal items

Wear heirloom jewelry, or ask your photographer to style their detail shots with cherished household items.

Ask for unique floral installations

If your venue includes a magnificent staircase or hearth, ask your floral designer to create an installation that custom fits that feature. If your flowers reflect the structure of your venue, the wedding as a whole will feel natural and homey.

Treat it like a dinner party

If you want your wedding to have an intimate, personal feel, regardless of its size, think of it less as an “event” and more as a gathering of loved ones. Pay attention to the details that bring people together – the meal, the lighting, the seating. Create an at-ease atmosphere that encourages interaction.


Click through the slideshow below for 20 ways to personalize your wedding.


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Skylar Caitlin | Reply

Great tips for making your wedding truly meaningful! I especially love the dinner party suggestion. That’s part of what I’m using for my own wedding! As a bride, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to use the latest trend to have your wedding stick in your guests minds, but as a planner + designer, I can affirm that it’s actually the guests overall experience that will make your wedding stand out. So instead of thinking about what table cloth will my guests love, think about how you want your guests to feel when they sit down to dinner – that helps all those other design details fall into place.

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