How To Price Your Wedding Dress To Sell Online

How To Price Your Wedding Dress To Sell Online

Pricing your wedding dress may be the most difficult part of selling it online. Your dress is priceless right? It’s probably the most important (and most expensive) piece of clothing you’ve ever owned, and it’s hard to put a price on that. We totally understand, but you also have to understand that if you’re dedicated to selling your wedding dress online, you have to price your dress accurately and realistically in order for it to sell.

Pricing based on designer

Deciding on a price really depends on the dress designer and condition of your gown. Couture designers will usually fetch more than lesser-known designers. Couture gowns required a higher initial investment (on your end), so you want to get a good return on that investment. Even if your gown was less expensive than a couture dress, you still want to make sure you get an appropriate percentage of the retail price.

Pricing based on retail

Most brides usually price their used wedding dresses from 25%-50% off the original retail price. This may seem like a big range, but it really depends on how quickly you want to sell your gown.

Pricing based on Condition

Consider the condition of the dress when you’re pricing it as well. Brand new dresses that have never been worn can be priced 10-15% less than the original retail price. Dresses that have a little wear and tear should probably be priced lower.

Adjust when necessary

Obviously, when you price your gown lower, it will probably sell a little quicker. If you’ve listed your gown and you haven’t seen a lot of interest, you may want to try lowering the price to attract a wider selection of brides. You can also provide a best offer option for your gown if you’re really struggling to garner interest.

If you feel lost trying to determine the value of your gown, a little online research wouldn’t hurt. You can survey the internet and see how much your gown or gowns similar to it are selling for. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of the market. We know that pricing your gown may be difficult, but if you follow these tips, it should be a little easier!

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