How To Pack Your Wedding Dress To Ship

How To Pack Your Wedding Dress To Ship

How to pack your dress properly

Use the right box

Use a sturdy corrugated cardboard box with around a 200-lbs-per-square-inch burst strength. This means that your box will be far less likely to be crushed during its long and arduous journey to its new bride.

Choose a box that fits your dress

Don’t cram your dress into the box – that will result in extreme wrinkling and may distort the form of the dress. Make sure that there is enough room for the dress to comfortably fit inside, but make sure there isn’t too much extra space. You don’t want your gown to shift around in the box, so fill any extra space with craft paper or peanuts (avoid using newspaper because the ink may transfer to the dress in transit or when the new bride unpacks it).

Wrap your dress

Delicately fold the gown to try and preserve the form as much as you can and wrap it in plastic. We don’t usually suggest that dresses are packed in plastic (you don’t want them to mildew), but this is just in case the box gets wet. Make sure that if you pack your wedding dress in a smaller box inside the cardboard box, wrap and seal that box in plastic as well.

Properly seal the box

Use packing tape (around 2 inches wide) to makes sure that all sides are secured and ready for transport.

Place the label correctly

Place the shipping label on top of the box and a duplicate inside as well that includes your contact information. Do not place the label on top of the tape or on tape seams.

Insure the package

Make sure to insure your package for the price of the gown. Do this in case the package never arrives or there is significant damage. It’s a good idea to use a shipping label that comes with an online tracking number so that you can track your package.

Require a signature

It’s smart to require a signature upon arrival so that you know the dress ends up in the right hands. You care about your wedding dress so take the time to make sure that when you pass it along to another bride, it gets where it needs to in perfect condition!

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