Transact With Peace of Mind and Purchase Protection

Transact With Peace of Mind and Purchase Protection

We have partnered with PayPal to protect your purchase up to $20,000. 

For buyers, this means you'll be 100% covered if your item isn't shipped, isn't authentic, or isn't as described in the seller’s listing. Simply pay through PayPal, either with our own integrated invoicing or through your own account, and if there is an issue with your dress, you have 180 days to file a dispute. 

For sellers, it means your payment will arrive safely and securely before your item is shipped.

For those looking for a higher level of security, we encourage our users to use because this safe and secure online payment service ensures that every part of the transaction is complete before the money is released. Do not accept any type of deposit before completing an transaction. Make it clear to the individual that all money will be processed through (And no they don’t pay us to say that).

Remember, Once Wed never recommends payment with personal or cashier's check, money order, wire transfer, or gift cards such as Amazon. With these methods there is no buyer or seller protection.



Use for transaction is a final sale and/or the buyer wants to use a credit card for purchase.

Use for transactions where the seller will accept returns. Also recommended for international transactions.

What It Is

Quick, globally-known, secure online payment method.

Safe, secure service that holds funds in escrow until transaction is complete. Buyer is able to return the item, for any reason, during an agreed upon inspection period.

How Buyers Are Protected

PayPal Purchase Protection fully covers you, up to $20,000 if the item isn't shipped, isn't authentic or isn't otherwise as described.

Buyer has a guaranteed inspection period during which she can inspect the item and return it for any reason.

How Sellers Are Protected

PayPal ensures funds are verified before they are placed in your account.  Your stated return policy will apply to the transaction. verifies the buyer’s funds before approving seller to ship item.

 Should the item be returned, the seller must receive the item back and confirm its condition before funds are returned to seller.


Buyer Fees


  • Buyers or sellers can pay fee, or it can be split
  • 3.25% for standard service, for transactions $5,000 and under
  • For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $32.50

Seller Fees

$3.7% + $.30 to receive the funds into your PayPal account from a US PayPal account.

For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $37.30

  • Buyers or sellers can pay fee, or it can be split
  • 3.25% for standard service, for transactions $5,000 and under
  • For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $32.50
Getting Started  Sellers can invoice their buyer directly from within any mailbox conversation. Seller initiates the transaction directly on


Tips   Sellers
  1. Ship with insurance for your asking price, only to the address on the PayPal invoice, and require a signature on delivery.
  2. Ensure your listing fully and accurately describes all of your items imperfections (no matter how small).   Take photos prior to shipping to provide a documentation record.
  1. We recommend a 48-hour inspection period.
  2. Buyers can only pay with check (which take up to 14 days to clear) or wire transfers (for which your bank may charge an additional fee). Credit cards are not accepted for apparel purchases.

The main thing to remember when you’re buying your used wedding dress online is to be careful.  An honest seller or buyer is going to be just as cautious as you, but they will be giving you the right answers and not setting off alarms.  If any of the above happens to you, or if you’re ever suspicious of an e-mail, provide us with the email exchange at and we will block this person from selling on Once Wed if we feel they are a scammer.  Just take the time to investigate and ask the right questions to ensure that your transaction will be quick and easy!


Once Wed was launched in March 2008 to meet a need in the marketplace for an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses. Within a short time, the company had developed into an online wedding publication and resource to provide newly-engaged brides with inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding.