Shooting Your Dress with Your Camera Phone

Taking quality photographs of your wedding gown before you list it is one of the best ways to optimize your listing. We have complied some tips for you on how to take quality photos. However, you may not have a great camera, so we also have some advice on how to take quality photographs with your camera phone!

Your camera phone has different automatic settings than other cameras. It is set to the automatic meter, so if you take a photo of your dress in a window with bright light behind it, it will automatically make your dress appear dark in the photo. Taking your dress in side lighting is a better idea when you’re using your camera phone. Hang your dress beside the window at about a 90 degree angel from the dress and the lighting should be perfect.

Do your best to choose the best quality photographs of your gown when you’re listing your used designer gown with Once Wed and you will attract more buyers!

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