Ensuring Once Wed Emails Reach Your Inbox

Ensuring Once Wed Emails Reach Your Inbox

To be sure OnceWed.com is on your email safe list, find your provider below and following these instructions:

To make sure email gets delivered to your inbox, you must add the email address info@oncewed.com to your contacts list.

  • Click the drop-down arrow next to "Reply" in the upper right side of your inbox screen. 
  • Click the “Add info@oncewed.com to Contacts List" from the list that appears. 
  • You will now see info@oncewed.com appear under the link "Contacts" on the left side of the page. 
  • Click the link "Contacts" and the in the "Search Contacts" form field. 
  • Now you can select to move OnceWed.com to a contact list of choice and edit any details.

In the new Hotmail you must "Mark sender as safe" to enable hyperlinks, even in text emails and images in HTML emails. Entering the email contact data in the address book will no longer confirm whitelisting the sender. To ensure messages from specific email addresses are not sent to your Junk Email folder, you can do one of two things:

  • Check the "Junk" folder if you do not see the Email Best Practices in your inbox. 
  • Click the "Mark as safe" link. 
  • Add info@oncewed.com to your Safe List. 
  • Click "Show content" to view the body of the email if it contains images and HTML. 
  • Click "Mark as safe". 
  • OnceWed.com will now be added to your list of "Safe senders". 

Manually Add to Safe List 

  • Click "Options" in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen. 
  • In the body of the page under "Junk e-mail", click the link "Safe and blocked senders". 
  • Click the link "Safe senders". 
  • Enter the email address "info@oncewed.com". 
  • Click "Add to list".

If you are not receiving an email you are expecting, there are two things you can do:

  • Use the "Not Spam" button in your Bulk folder. 
  • Create a filter to automatically send email from "oncewed.com" to your inbox. This is the only way to really ensure delivery. Report as "Not Spam" 
  • Check your Yahoo! Bulk folder. 
  • If you see the email from "oncewed.com", highlight it and click "Not Spam". 

Create a Filter 

  • Click "Options" in the top right navigation bar. 
  • Select "Mail Options" from the list that drops down. 
  • Choose "Filters" located on the left side of the page.
  • Click the "Add" button on the Filters page. 
  • Choose the field you want to match in the incoming message. For example, "header" or "to". 
  • Choose the criterion by which you want a match to be made, such as "contains". 
  • Enter the text string to compare. For example: from "oncewed.com".
  • Choose the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered. For example: Inbox.



About OnceWed.com

Once Wed was launched in March 2008 to meet a need in the marketplace for an online listing service for second-hand wedding dresses. Within a short time, the company had developed into an online wedding publication and resource to provide newly-engaged brides with inspiration and tools to plan their dream wedding.