*UPDATE: The DC Wedding Consortium has been rescheduled due to a snowstorm coming through DC all this weekend. The new date is February 16th, 2010 at the same location from 5-7pm. I’m working my schedule around to see if I can make it.

gold wedding

I am running around like a crazy woman trying to get ready to fly out tomorrow for the DC Wedding Consortium, but in the meantime I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peek of an amazing shoot designed by these two coming very soon based on the board below. I’m so excited about the month of February here on Once Wed. Not only is original content coming back full force, but we are welcoming 3 brand new monthly contributors to our lineup. Stay tuned for more loveliness coming very soon…

milk and honey wedding

Top left board image c/o Make Under My Life and Top image c/o Bonnie Tsang


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Doris Lee | Reply

It’s going to snow 24 inches in DC tomorrow! Travel safe :)

Kelsi | Reply


does anyone know the source of the little clear glass hanging bulb votives I keep seeing everywhere, like the ones in the top shot with the sand and daisies peeking out?

lydia | Reply

oh i love the sneak peek and i can’t wait to see more! kelly, paige AND bonnie are super talented!!

Jen@GreenWeddingShoes | Reply

Fun! Can’t wait to to see what those 3 came up with.

Kelsi – you can find those hanging globes here – http://www.floragrubb.com/shop/detailWrapper.php?id=4&type=g

So many fun things you can do with them! I’ve been working on a project with them also for my house :)

Megan Shuler | Reply

I just created my own wedding blog and I was going to name it Milk&Honey!
I love this board!!

rosemary | Reply


I love that top left-hand image with the chevron art. I’ve seen it before…does anyone know where it’s from?

freefloatingsoul | Reply

WOW!! These are beautiful. The tulips, the candles, the glass bulbs… Just fantastic.

Marija | Reply

Great photos. I love how calming this palette is + oh so elegant!

Lex Cut | Reply

Hey! That’s John Lenon and Yuko or whatever the spelling is. Sweeet~

kristen | Reply

get back on the plane and turn around, we’re getting two feet of snow with 30 mph winds! Seeing as how metro is going to shut down I don’t think anyone will be leaving their living rooms.

emily | Reply

haha…don’t worry im staying put in atlanta for the time being. the event was actually rescheduled to the 16th. have fun in the snow:)

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

Being snowed in is fun sometimes! Awesome board!!

Rosemary | Reply

Yes! Thanks so much, Kelly@YesPlease!

Jess LC | Reply

Thank you so much for the photo mention, I really appreciate it!

kimia ferdowsi | Reply

beautifulllllll :) as always…

lana @ make a house a home | Reply

this is too perfect! i love every idea!

Michael and Anna Costa | Reply

Awesome post! Trully inspiring & delicious

Mona | Reply

Looking for milk glass vases, pitchers, candy dishes. Anyone have any to sell? You can contact me at monab492003@yahoo.com