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It’s always been very important to me to strike a balance in the content we offer on Once Wed. Don’t get me wrong…I love a beautifully done photo shoot just like the next girl, but if none of the details are relevant or attainable it falls into the eye candy category which doesn’t help you much when your trying to plan a DIY inspired wedding. Some elements from this shoot might be too out of reach for some, but everyone can collect old wine bottles and spray paint them or gather milk glass from local thrift stores…

Our head table background is a white on white painted Chevron pattern with a mix of gold tone hammers and nails, milky ropes , fawn and honey colored ribbons, wispy strips of golden tulle, gold rick-rack, natural twine, and glass orbs filled with sugar cubes and wheat grains. The perfect blend of feminine textures, avant garde utilitarianism, and earthy details.

The table scape is moody vintage meets modern happily ever after, a perfect juxtaposition that embodied John and Yoko.  Old jeans and untamed hair yet driving a white rolls royce. Ghost chairs are divinely invisible allowing the textures of the design to be the showcase. Ivory burlap draped across the table brings in the feel of bohemian simplicity.  Gold rimmed champagne glasses from a flea market filled with peace and love cookie favors (Bittersweet Treats), mod-white square dinnerware from England, and vintage gold flatware make up the varied place settings.

gold wedding ideas

Photography by Bonnie Tsang

Last bit of inspiration coming up next!


Comments (3)

Tonia | Reply

LOVE the creativity here! The idea of spray painting old bottles is super cool. That could be a really fun activity with some bridesmaids who are willing to get paint on their hands!!

Jillian | Reply

So fun ladies!!! Lovin’ the gold bottles and nails.
thanks for sharing the inspiration.

amber kane | Reply

I love the painted bottles, they look so great, I have a bunch of bottles sitting in my kitched now, I think I might do some painting now!

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