Every marriage proposal is special in it’s own way. We have a special love for proposals that are carefully planned to include an amazing photographer standing by the wayside – there’s just something so romantic about being able to look back on the exact moment when the question was asked, so that you can at least remember how it felt even if you can’t remember the words that were spoken.

From the Photographer:

Brandon planned the perfect proposal. He kidnapped Amanda from work, flew her to Portland, drove her to The Gorge, and arranged to have photography A Fist Full of Bolts to wait at the waterfall for the moment when Brandon dropped to one knee. The following day, they photographed their beautiful engagement session. In the words of A Fist Full of Bolts, “The emotion and love was so thick, it was as though you could reach out and touch it.”

Photography: A Fistful of Bolts


Comments (6)

Michelle | Reply

Those photos are just amazing !

Katarina Devine | Reply

These are so raw and beautiful! Great work and such a sweet proposal. XO

Imogen Xiana Photo | Reply

its so refreshing to see a different style of photography featured on oncewed. these images are raw and true and so beautiful, i’ve not felt this inspired in a while, thank you x

Roger Rosentreter | Reply

The photography is absolutely breathtaking!!! Wow!!!

Sarah | Reply

Cool photos.

Priti Shikotra Wedding Photography | Reply

Gorgeous shots and couple are so cute!

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