There’s something about the lazy feel of summer days at the lake that makes it the perfect scene to fall in love. In Holden and Ryan’s case, they chose this time to celebrate their love with a fun, carefree afternoon taking engagement photos. It’s so easy to imagine: the refreshing waves, the calm motion of floating away from the beach, and naturally gravitating towards each other as the water deepens.

Choosing a special location for your engagement or wedding photos makes those moments that much more memorable for you. We loved the way this NYC couple brought their landscape into their images, and this sweet farm-fresh portrait session at Serenbe. Where will you take your engagement photos?

Photos: Christina McNeill Photography

As originally published on Snippet & Ink.


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Laurie | Reply

I love this! I love how they are ‘just who they are’ and beautiful as they are. Like the hints of red, the atmosphere.

Trifon Anguelov Photography | Reply

I am glad I have found your article with engagement photos. Like an engagement photographer in San Francisco Bay Area, I am always looking for fresh ideas and compositions. Sprint is the season of love and many couples are looking to go to the next step of their relationship and may be a wedding one day.

Like the open space and light the engagement photographer was able to capture. The couple is at ease and they are having fun which is very important for these types of sessions. The image quality is superb. Doing activities during an engagement session is one of my favorite ways to get the couple going. I recently did a session at Shoreline Park in Mountain View and had similar water based activities.

Thank you for sharing these images and story with us. I found new inspiration and ideas for my next e-session. Keep up the great work. I will come back and check for new images and more creative ideas.

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