Today’s wedding is really special to us because it’s the wedding of our very own graphic designer, Kaela. We love Kaela and Jonathan so much and are thrilled that Ginny Au created the perfect day for them last fall. Keep reading for more about their love story from Kaela herself.

From the bride:

I’ve always heard it said that you find what you’re looking for when you stop looking. I met my greatest adventure sitting outside of a college fraternity party. Yes, it is as eloquent as it sounds. Our relationship began in a soft and simple way. I was stubborn. He was patient. I talked incessantly. He listened. We quickly became best friends and before I knew it, we were standing across from one other making our promises in a place more stunning than I could have ever imagined. 

Distance has always seemed to play a rather large part in our relationship. Only months after dating, I moved to Australia. I remember the feeling before I boarded the plane to Sydney, my hands were trembling and my eyes were bursting with tears. It was one of those moments that you can feel in your stomach with the most profound sense of clarity. I knew he would be the one I wanted to spend this life with.

Three years later, Jonathan proposed in Iceland amongst the black sand and harsh, rugged mountains. It was just the two of us in a place so beautiful that words seem futile. While our wedding day was rather untraditional by most, it held true to the way our engagement began. When the day arrived, I felt an overwhelming sense of serenity. While we made breakfast, I was embarrassingly giddy to the point my cheeks were aching. The whole day progressed slowly and I remember thinking, ‘you have to remember this part” about a hundred times. We exchanged our vows to one another beneath a blanket of Oregon Redwoods along the Columbia River Gorge. I’ve never felt so small, yet so full. Our wedding day was exactly what we had always hoped it would be. It is what I hold in my mind as the perfect day.

Photography: Erich McVey | Creative Direction: Loom by Ginny Au | Videography: Amy McVey | Gown & Veil: Ivory & White | Hair & Makeup: Amy McVey | Brides Shoes: Chloe | Grooms Suit: Billy Reid | Grooms Boots: Billy Reid | Ribbon: Froufrou Chic


Comments (30)

Donny Zavala | Reply

Easily one of the most authentic and real shoots I’ve ever seen. I’m just in awe of the images and the story. Erich, great job my friend. Ginny, amazing direction. Amy, utterly speechless on your super 8 film. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Congratulations to the couple.

Elisa | Reply

Such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarah Carpenter | Reply

I just love how cozy and romantic this is! The snuggles, the light, the gorgeous couple! It’s all perfect!

Martha Holt | Reply

Such a sweet story, just like a fairy tale. They look perfect with each other. Awww, a lovely wedding too. It reminded me of an aged couple love story, read it here http://www.adora.gr/.

Thanks for sharing such a great post!

Rose { Rose & Ruby } | Reply

LOVE this! How beautiful! I thought it was a styled shoot at first. Love the intimacy. Gorgeous. xxx

Charley | London Bride | Reply

I think we can all romanticise of having a wedding that is so incredibly intimate, romantic and sincere. Beautifully captured, especially the giddy morning moment and her words are so lovely!

liam smith | Reply

stunning photographs, delicate and intimate and a wonderful sense of narrative

wedding photographer charleston sc | Reply

Oh my gosh this made me cry! I loved the story that the images told – congratulations to the couple!

Maria Azanha | Reply

What a lovely story. The authenticity shouts out: love, tenderness and companionship! Gorgeous capture of a beautiful relationship!

Gosia | Reply

HOT, HOT, HOT! Very sensual…

Starry Night Design Studio | Reply

The images are just beautiful !

emilie | Reply

this is EXACTLY what I want for my wedding!! Hopefully happening this summer. I’d love love love some contact information for this videographer/ photographer/ couple! thanks in advance :)

Thomas | Reply

So great pics :-) And an amazing video! i love it!

laura | Reply

sweet story! love it! :)

Nicola Harger | Reply

I can’t get over how dreamy this is. Incredible work <3

shauna | Reply

this elopement takes our breath away time and time again! perfectly, simple styling and of course breath taking images from Erich!

Anya Kernes | Reply

This is the most perfect elopement, and couldn’t have been captured more beautifully!

Gert | Reply

Totally insane! This has just everything it needs <3 Love the couple…the gorgeous light and of course the amazing photography… perfection!

evangilina | Reply

Thank for sharing wonderful stories it made me cry !…it looks very authentic and real shoots I’ve ever seen before ever

Valeria Mameli | Reply

so much romantic. I love the elopement, and I love these colours. The design is wonderful.

Graham Crichton | Reply

what a lovely idea, i love elopements you get so much time together, so special.

Andreas Benker | Reply

WOW! Very authentic and real shoots!!! So cozy and romatic <3 I am sooo fascinated by images and the story!!!

Tommy & Laurene | Reply

Awesome storytelling and what a stunning location.

Elle Weddings | Reply

The photography captures so much authenticity! I just love the nature shots as well! Wonderful work!!

Joanna | Reply

These pictures are amazing! Well done, Erich.
Beautiful couple.

Scott Spencer-White | Reply

Love love love the vintage edit! Beautiful!

duesudue | Reply

I love these phtos and also the video. I really like your style as wedding photographer.

David Patton | Reply

LOVE the details and wedding photography – beautiful

Patton Photography

Aurelien | Reply

I love the grain of the photographic film !

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