We absolutely fell in love with this sweet, intimate, and understated wedding sent to us from Nancy Neil. Nancy is great friends with the bride, and was honored to photograph their elegant affair on the groom’s family farm in Connecticut. And we adore the story sent to us from the bride:

When Thomas and I were dating in Brooklyn, he brought me up to this beautiful farm in Connecticut, which is shared by his extended family on his paternal great grandmother’s side. When we moved to the island of St. Croix, we lived on farmland, and the surrounding fields and pastures had a similar peaceful feel. Historically, the family farm in Connecticut has always been a place for family to come together. When we talked about getting married, eloping seemed the best option; it would be simple, private and inexpensive. Then we got the idea of a getaway to the farm with a handful of family – most of his family is on the east coast anyways, and why not invite a few friends as well? We wanted this chance to share the farm with others, and soon the attendee list was at 90.

Because of a small budget and our backgrounds in the arts and production, we treated the wedding like a DIY production – enlisting the generous help of our friends and family. We’ve both earned our living as self-employed professionals – running a design company, an art gallery, an organic chocolate company and working as musicians. Thomas even has “DIY” tattooed on his finger which he gave himself for practice. I don’t think we know any other way to do things.  

There was thunder, lightning and pouring rain the day before the wedding. People got flash flood warnings on their phones, but because we had chosen the date according to the stars (and because the forecast promised) I knew that the day would be beautiful. The next day was so bright and clear and crisp, it felt like something from a storybook.

We got ready down by the lake at a tiny, one-room cabin and had a few quiet moments in the clear, chilly lake water to grounding ourselves. It was surreal to think that 90 people had gathered up above in front of the barn – friends and family from as far as California, the Virgin Islands and England, and as close as right down the road. 

Nancy took most of our photos before the ceremony, as we walked up the long path from the lake to the barn. She shot medium format film, and kept commenting on how awesome the light looked. We were having fun! Our dog Ramona knew something special happening. We didn’t plan to have her in so many photos, but she wouldn’t leave our side as we walked up into the open field.

We danced and took photos and caught up with people. The kids in attendance ran wild through the grass, blowing kazoos, using the cloth colored napkins as eye patches and rope and sword fighting with parasols. There were some moments wandering out in the golden afternoon light of the field, and taking some deep breaths. I think we succeeded in our goal, which was for guests to find some stillness and come away feeling that they had been touched by something magic and refreshing.

Photography: Nancy Neil | Venue: Private Farm in Connecticut | Music: Acoustic Bluegrass by Mike Schmidt |Officiant + Astrologer: Suzy Almond |Catering: Chanterelle | Maple Candy + Honey for Gift Bags: Hilljack Sugar Shack |Photobooth: Nick Des Jardins |Alisha’s Hair + Makeup: Adelina Atashi |Thomas’s Hair: Alisha |Alisha’s dress: Aidan Mattox |Alisha’s shoes: Toffel |Thomas’s pants: Steven Alan | Thomas’s shirt: APC | Thomas’s shoes: Johnston & Murphy | Alisha’s ring: Thomas’s great grandmother’s |Alisha’s earrings: Estate vintage, borrowed from photographer | His ring: Machete pendant by Crucian Gold


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Hochzeitsfotograf | Reply

Gorgeous bride, beautiful dress and amazing photography!

Katie | Reply

The simplicity of this wedding day is so refreshing & gorgeous! Weddings in Connecticut just have a way about them. Thanks for sharing :)

Beautiful Bridal | Reply

The way the wedding industry has gotten so huge, it warms my heart to see a simple ceremony such as this. The bride and groom look so happy, that’s the most important thing after all.

To Love Photographie | Reply

This is the way a wedding should be, in my humble opinion. They focused on their connection and love for their family and friends. So beautiful. And I always love Nancy Neil’s work.

Thaïs | Reply

So inspiring to see such beauty comes from simplicity & self-reliance. It makes sense of course, but we are programmed to believe a wedding is the one thing one should “spare no expense” on, and the result is often an over stressful, bloated affair that obscures the true purpose of the event.

Thank you Alisha, Thomas & Nancy for showing/reminding us that the best magic is self-made!


Amelie | Reply

Wow, simply stunning!!! What a beautiful couple!

Canopy Rental { Apex Tent and Party } | Reply

Gorgeous wedding! Loved the unique and interesting details.