It’s not often that we get to see gorgeous wedding that take place in the heart of the city, but we were absolutely enamored with this stunning Flatbush wedding from Samm Blake the minute we saw it. Keep reading for more from the photographer:

From Samm:

Jean & Matthew celebrated their wedding day at Flatbush Farms, a dark little bar & restaurant in Brooklyn. It turned into a rainy day and they had planned for dinner under the stars in the backyard, but instead turned into a intimate dinner across the bar & restaurant areas inside. Thanks to Accuweather, we were able to time the rain clouds so they were still able to have their ceremony outside, with just a little sprinkling of drops. Emily Asher’s Garden Party played amazing jazz all night long.

Photographer: Samm Blake | Venue: Flatbush Farm | Music: Emily Asher


Comments (2)

Lukas | Reply

Lovely work, classic and beautiful !

Libby | Reply

I’d love to know who designed the dress — it’s gorgeous!


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