Brendan and Susana, hailing from Berlin, chose Alassio in Italy as the destination for their wedding. Guests came from all over the world to join in the festivities, creating an incredible atmosphere on an already emotion-filled day. The couple was not interested in hosting a classic, fussy type of wedding. Rather, they coined the phrase “chin chin to love,” as a sort of theme for their wedding day; they sought moments in which they could celebrate love and laughter whilst being surrounded by their family and friends.

A traditional church wedding led to a grand exit featuring an Italian Vespa. Guests followed them to the centre of town, where they toasted the newlyweds at a historically famous bar. To finish the celebration, the couple and their guests strolled barefoot down the sandy beach to their reception. While this wedding may not include many of those inspirational “details” that brides seek out, this amazing collection of photos tells their story with all of the beauty a wedding could deserve.

More from the photographer, Luca Vieri:
“As a photographer, I think it is very important to capture the true essence of people through shots that aren’t posed but taken on a whim. The sheer energy and vibrant nature of Brendan and Susana’s day made capturing their wedding a joy. People, who were just moments before strangers to one another, joined for the common purpose of celebrating their love for the couple. During that happy final stroll on the beach, there was such an air of celebration, fun, and laughter, and in the midst of it were the bride and groom – in love with each other and the atmosphere they had managed to create.”

Photographer: Luca Vieri | Dress: Custom | Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss | Hair & Makeup: Felix Furlong-Stößer | Church: St. Anna, Alassio | Location: Cafè Balzola, Alassio


Comments (5)

Kim | Reply

2/22/16- laid back Italian wedding. Who made her custom dress! I would love that same style.

Thank you!

Maiken | Reply

Heyhey kim! i m the designer of the dress! Happy that you like it! if you wanna see more don’t hesitate to contact me! xxx maiken a and by the way.. thats my homepage: http://www.maiken-k.at

Chloe | Reply

I love that you chose to feature so many beautiful black & white images that blogs often shy away from. They really emphasise the moment and this set tell their story beautifully.

Julian Zacsfalvi | Reply

The real Italian feel comes through really well. Great mood there!

Sandra | Reply

So romantic and true and joyful! I love the black and white! Bravo!

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