There is something so classic and romantic about black and white film photography, perhaps because the lack of color allows you to see all the beautiful grain and dreaminess of the film, or because the simplicity truly allows the subject to shine through the photos. In this case, we know the latter is the truth. Please read on for more from the photographer!

More from the photographer, Kelbert McFarland:
“Alone time is something that is desperately sought after yet rarely obtained. So when a couple offers a few minutes to me to document this rare time, I do my best to honor it in the most honest way possible. My time with Ryan and Rebekah is a perfect example of this. This shoot was a birthday gift from Ryan to Rebekah. With that thought in mind, I wanted to be the hidden guest and simply capture the love that was so evident between these two. Often time love needs a bit of space to be and to reveal itself. My job is to simply record what’s unfolding organically between the couple. The clothes you see are from their own closets. Rebekah’s hair and makeup were done with delight by her own hands and I would imagine with great anticipation of a wonderful time with Ryan. There were no candles, props or anything of the sort. Just two people in love surrounded by what nature created. I chose to photograph the last 15 minutes of the shoot on one roll of classic 35mm black and white film and that’s what you’re viewing. These are untouched, unrehearsed moments of love being captured on film during what I’m sure will be one of many beautiful alone times with Ryan and Rebekah.”

All images photographed on Nikon FE with Kodak Tri-X 400. Processed at Photovision.

Photography: Kelbert McFarland


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Lauren Kinsey | Reply

Nailed it, Kelbert. ;)

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Thanks for taking the time to view this feature! So glad you liked it.

Kevin | Reply

That’s some really amazing photography….

Alicia Pyne | Reply

Amazing work Kelbert!! I love your talent of capturing the real moments!

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

You know I love love love your work so thanks so much for your comment.

J Davis | Reply

Brilliant! It takes a level of patience and trust within oneself to capture these moments so organically. Your photographs are art that captures the goodness of life.

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Wow! Such kind words. Thank you.

Andy | Reply

Awesome shots! How can I book this guy?!

Mary McLeod | Reply

Hi! You can contact him from his website.

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Thanks Andy! Shoot me a message!

Michael and Carina | Reply

Hopefully this will start a trend of authentic photography in our business again, my friend. Absolutely outstanding.

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

I’m just happy to play a part. Thanks guys for your support!

Melanie | Reply

Absolutely stunning photography!

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Thanks so much Melanie. The couple made my job easy!

Bruce Tifft | Reply

Good job Mr. McFarland!

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Mr. Tifft!
Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out this post. Miss you guys!

Amy | Reply

Stunning! Thank you for sharing these.

Kelbert McFarland | Reply

Thanks Amy! I’m thankful the team at Once Wed decided to share this too!

Green Antlers Photography | Reply

Why is it that film makes people leave their guard down and be so natural in front of the camera? Definitely magic!

Joanna | Reply

Great pictures!
Good to see photographers still shooting on film. I have a medium format camera and it’s such a long process before you see pictures. Well done, Kelbert!