Some wedding stories have their own sense of grace. This intimate wedding inspiration, taking place at the bride’s home, somehow speaks in soft whispers of delicacy and simplicity, at the same time as it overwhelms us with a graceful sense of beauty. For more from the event designers, read on.

From Marianne, at RiverOaks Charleston:

“On her wedding day in her lifelong home she rises at the first break of dawn. Clothed in her grandmother’s own wedding day robe, she quietly bathes. Like the water,  the memories flow. She warms herself by the fire asking God to be present in this day, yet soon the coffee is gone and the morning fleeting. In a beautiful script, she vows her forever love to the one who only hours away will become her husband. Outside her childhood home is quickly becoming a venue and the window’s glass restrains her curiosity. Yet, the thoughtful and tom-boyish explorer ventures out dressed and covered in her mother’s french veil. Darting quickly along the open pond she shelters herself, hugging the aged walls that have held her close since birth. Risking notice as guests arrive she retreats inside. Shortly, with her artfully tended bouquet in hand, she gracefully approaches the stone gates. Passing through them, the little girl from home fades with each step as a beautiful woman; now, a bride. Approaching the altar, she speaks to her husband – to love and commit herself to him alone until death do them part. Soon after, at the same table her family has gathered for meals upon meals, an intimate dinner celebration ensues. In the blink of an eye her husband is calling her to a dance and the little girl gives a final twirl. Darkness falls and as a wife she leaves her home for their own forever story.”

Photography: Chris Isham | Creative Direction & Floral Design: Forage and Fleur | Creative Direction & Styling: Marianne Caldwell | Venue: RiverOaks Charleston | Makeup: Dannon K Collard | Hair: Annie Colavita | Calligraphy: Ink and Honey | Dress: Gossamer Vintage | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic | Tableware: Eventworks Rentals | Model: Morgan Bacon from Directions USA


Comments (3)

jacin | Reply

marianne’s words transport me to this moment! what an amazing write-up (and shoot!)

Marilisa | Reply

I agree with Jacin- the write-up is wonderful and relatable! I vividly remember the morning of my wedding – writing out a prayer for the day and my vows to my soon-to-be husband. Beautiful work by a fabulous team! Thanks for sharing OnceWed!

Chris | Reply

So grateful to have this shoot featured on OW! :) And thanks so much, Jacin & Marilisa – much appreciated!


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