For a shy bride and groom, the idea of standing in front of hundreds of far-flung relatives and friends from the long-ago college days can be a nightmare. So when it came time for Jared and Amanda to envision their wedding day, they decided to keep it intimate — just the way they like it. Armed with a short guest list and an amazing venue, the couple planned their outdoor wedding at San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, with a  few bold pops of citrusy color along the way.

Read on for more from the bride:
“Jared and I met through a mutual friend here in Los Angeles. Shy as can be, Jared took one look at me and immediately pulled his Yankees baseball cap so low that I couldn’t see his eyes!  He proceeded to ignore me most of the night, except when we teamed up at foosball and destroyed all on-comers. (Jared happens to be an excellent foosball player!) At the end of the evening we politely parted ways. It would take us nearly nine months to find each other in the right moment and at the right time.  I was hosting my first party at my downtown Los Angeles loft. Our mutual friend invited Jared and as it turned out, I was a horrible host! I was completely overwhelmed but Jared came to my rescue and co-hosted the party with me helping to guide the night. This simple gesture really captured my heart and I have been hooked ever since. 

When we started planning our wedding, we gravitated towards a smaller affair due to his aforementioned shyness and my tendency to get overwhelmed with large groups. San Ysidro Ranch was the second venue we visited, and we were immediately struck by its rich history, serene grounds, and incredible scents. (Seriously, the place smells fantastic!)  We knew this was a special place, and we knew that we would love returning throughout our marriage. Since we decided to have a smaller wedding, we were able to splurge and spoil our closest friends and family.

Our best friend Bobby Patton officiated, working with us to create a memorable and personalized ceremony that took advantage of such a beautiful location.  A highlight of the ceremony was when our friends Jim & Sam sang a spectacular version of California Stars. After the wedding, we stayed for a few more nights at San Ysidro Ranch in the Kennedy Cottage before our honeymoon in Costa Rica.”

Photography: Meghan Kay Sadler | Design and Coordination: Alex Events Inc | Flowers: The Velvet Garden Florals | Dress: Elie Saab | Bridal Styling: Maradee Wahl | Lighting: Rolides | Rentals: Rrivreworks and Casa de Perrin | Make up: Ash Mathews | Hair: Monica Escalante | Videography: Shark Pig


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Linda | Reply

Such beautiful wedding photos.

Tereza Lee | Reply

Absolutely gorgeous day and photos (as always from Meghan ;). xx

Alana Futcher | Reply

I adore this wedding! The pockets on her dress create such a darling look. They pull together the romantic, intimate feel with a fun side in this wedding! Alana Futcher, Wedding Planner & Designer, Chancey Charm Weddings

Bill Weisgerber | Reply

Gorgeous! Love the tones and emotion.


I just adore the bride’s topknot!

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