During my creative session with Joy I remember saying “I think I want the wedding to feel like this scene in my head: A group of family & friends attending a baptism at a fountain in an Italian city & then together celebrating the baptism over dinner at a family’s small garden in the village.” It sounded weird saying it out loud, but that vision embodied the refreshing, life-filled, warm, intimate celebration I imagined ourwedding to be. We were blessed with amazing family and friends who are not only incredibly talented but also so selfless & giving. All of these people made our wedding more than I could have ever imagined & filled our hearts more than I knew could be filled. My Italian grandmother and aunt made the delicious feast, while Caitlin made the perfect little panna cottas for dessert. My sister and I made the hypertufa pots for each table and Katie potted beautiful, unruly arrangements in them- which I proudly still nurture & keep today! The candles were a therapeutic project my sister and I took on; making them tall, thin, and perfectly imperfect. And my dad, who gave the most of all, built our long wooden dinner tables and hand laid century-old bricks for a patio for us to eat on- both of these tasks being completely new to him.

I’m so thankful for this celebration we have of beauty, love, and family. I’m grateful for the beautiful process of planning for a wedding & every conversation leading up to ours with Joy, Ginny, Tec, Meagan, Joanna, Katie, Emily, Caitlin and our sweet family & friends…. Our hearts are so full. We are so thankful for each of you. 

Styling and Design: Joy Thigpen | Photographer: Tec Petaja | Planner: Ginny Au | Flowers: Joy Thigpen with assistance by Cloth of Gold | Paper & Calligraphy: Meagan Tidwell |  Pana Cotta: Caitlin Van Horn | Hair: Joanna Ballentine | Makeup: Brittany Massey | Chairs & Flatware: Market 46 | Tables & Lines: Special Events | Brides accessories: Hair Piece & Veil: Vintage | Earrings: Wildlife Wonders | Gown: Cheryl Taylor | Shoes: Cheryl Taylor | Assistants: Nina Mullins and Mandy Busby | Napkins: At Home Furnishings | Grooms Suite and Tie: J Crew | Glassware: Zara Home | Venue: Bride’s Home | Wholesale Flowers: Fifty Flowers

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Susan | Reply

This is so incredibly sweet and beautiful! Congratulations!

Nina | Reply

INSANELY beautiful!!! I am so glad I got to see this amazing event in person, and to see the magic of it all come together. The creative talents that brought Rylee’s and Andrew’s dreams to life….wow. Sometimes pictures don’t do something like this justice….But Tec definitely did this wedding and marriage justice on film….and it is truly special and magical.

cathy | Reply

Love the invitations! What is that font called?

Amy ? Fly Away Bride | Reply

What a beautiful wedding, even worthy of Rylee who is such an excellent photographer herself! Well done Joy, Tec, Ginny, Meaghan and all involved!

Clarissa | Reply

So full of Love and Beauty.

Marilisa | Reply

Good gracious this wedding looks flawless. I especially loved Rylee’s vision for it to feel like a baptism- how deeply spiritual and personal! I wish every bride planned her wedding with that heart and vision. Beautiful work by every one involved!!

Sheena | Reply

I’ve been trying to get work done today but I can’t stop coming back to look at this…. The ridiculously adorable and beautiful bride, the gorgeous groom, the jaw-dropping styling… innocent, magical and beautiful, it’s pure perfection. Huge huge congratulations to Rylee and Andrew. This is the stuff of fairytales, no doubt your life together will be so. x

Hana | Reply

This couple looks so young! Like high-school kids! Beautiful, perfect wedding.

Emma Sharkey | Reply

what a beautiful wedding, gorgeous details but incredibly photographed too!

Sukey at Dress For The Wedding | Reply

This is simply heavenly! So many textures, it looks like they created their own little world for the wedding. The bride’s crown is fantastic!

Diana | Reply

I completely agree with everything Sheena said. I to have come back three times today to look at these images. I love Tec’s work and all of the details of the day. I wish this blog existed when I was planning my wedding 8 years ago. Once Wed, you do an amazing job curating images and giving inspirational ideas for brides. Well done!

Melissa Wessel | Reply

Honestly this wedding couldn’t have been more perfect. So intimate and beautiful – what’s not to love?

Leah | Reply

Stunning!!! The couple looks so cute and of course, this pair is going to do wonders in life…….My hearty congratulations……..Keep up the good work Mr. Tec

Henry | Reply

Oh my God!!! What a lovely couple!!! Rylee looks so gorgeous with her hair piece and veil along with Andrew, who looks very smart and both of them makes a stunning match…..

Laicie / A Thousand Threads | Reply

Oh I’ve been dying to see Rylee’s wedding — it’s gorgeous!! Every little detail is perfect!! Of course I’d expect nothing less.

Megs | Reply

This is one of the most beautiful, sincere weddings I’ve ever seen. So much beauty.
I know the bride’s dress designer sourced the veil- but WHERE?!
I would love to know!

Jon | Reply

Makes me feel like I’m watching a European fairy tale. Fantastic

nadia | Reply

I am loving the bride’s gown. I know it says the designer is Cheryl Taylor, with a link provided, but the link provided leads me to something that doesn’t look quite right. Is there a way to view this dress exactly as it is online?

Rylee Hitchner | Reply

Hi Nadia,
The dress was custom made, so unfortunately there’s not a link to it.
Cheryl Taylor is located in Atlanta though! She’s wonderful.

Urban Stylz Wedding Photography (Montreal Wedding Photographer) | Reply

Phenomenal location! The pastel color scheme is so dreamy and warm.

Tatiana | Reply

Where can I find a crown like that? Does anyone know where I should search?

rrthoranammahal | Reply

Nice Wedding ceremony