The first thing that caught my eye about Hannah’s wedding was her awesome baby’s breath bouquet wrapped with colorful ribbon. I had never seen anything like it before and thought it was absolutely beautiful. Hannah and Dave were married almost 5 years ago, but looking through their lovely images it is clear to me they were definitely ahead of the times when it came to throwing a DIY wedding on a budget. I absolutely adored Hannah’s description of their celebration…

We were young, ridiculously, maybe even naively in love, with no money. It was low key, handmade and included feathers, sandals and a barbecue. It was specially special because of our friends and family who pitched in for every SINGLE part of the day. The invites were designed by us, screen printed on to fabric, then sewn by my mister on to pieces of card. The dress was the weddings only extravagance…Georgio Armani. Worn with colorful jewelery and flat pink sandals. Flowers being way out of our budget, I turned to my old friend fabric scraps and literally covered the church and reception grounds with bunting and ribbon.

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Photography via Seeds and Stitches


Comments (18)

Sherisa (L'elephant Rose) | Reply

Sort of a fantasy come true. Feels awesome! :)

Tammy | Reply

I jsut got asked to do a baby’s breath posie fro a wedding, clouds of fun – lovely wedding! xxx

Angela | Reply

What a cute wedding!

summer | Reply

so good! and so right for them! i love how low key and authentic it all feels. :)

chelsea {oh, my deer!} | Reply

i love the originality of this wedding! i’m so impressed with how ahead of the times it was!

karly | Reply

love the georgio armani dress — what syle is that?

Happy Nappy Bride | Reply

The camera work is gorgeous!

kerri | Reply

i love this girl’s blog so much, she is the ultimate green hippy goddess x

Marija | Reply

The invitations rock!! I love how creative this couple is!!!

L | Reply

This is what weddings are supposed to be :)

Dara Brown | Reply

so lovely! Inspiring…loving that they just kept it simple & sweet <3

Hannahb | Reply

Hi Karley, to be honest I don’t know what style the dress is, it was from their spring summer 2005 ready to wear collection from the Georgio Armani store on new bond street. ( the most exciting purchase I ever made!) I have since tried to find it online and on eBay but have never been able too, alas!

I’m totally floored by all your comments. You are all so sweet!!

buhdoop | Reply

Seeds and Stitches! I loved their wedding when i first saw it on their blog. These new photos are like seeing it for the first time (again). Great post!

Cory Weber | Reply

great polaroid work!

bridal girl | Reply

The photographer is awesome. Love the pictures. I love everything in here.

kate | Reply

i love the authenticity of the couple – they look like they are having the perfect day (as they should). i also love the polaroids! thanks for sharing!

Amma | Reply

The styling on this is tremendous. I love images HannahB – amazing wedding shots :)

antique engagement rings | Reply

I love the photo’s… especially love the necklaces!


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